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Welcome To Peregrine Advisory

Peregrine Advisory, Dubai, UAE, is a global business consultancy and Financial services company. We work with our clients in corporations and private wealthy individuals and families to develop specific sides of their business and to offer diversification suggestions and optimization of their investments with aiming to better returns.

We work in different sectors and industries providing innovative solutions engaging our network of valuable business partners and experts as well as financial institutions.



Peregrine Advisory, Dubai, UAE, is dedicated to its clients by bringing the best reliable experts to work together to reach the goal
set based on the following values:






What we do and how we do it

Based on a first discussion we evaluate and assess to take a new client or mandate onboard if we have the resources to achieve the expected objective.

Our Expertise

Our approach is to deliver a tailor-made service based on our expertise. That expertise is based on the Founder’s own experience and the business associates and financial institutions considering their achievements in their own field, quantitatively and qualitatively measured.

To achieve our clients’ satisfaction and lead our mandates successfully, we lean on the company's owner network of valuable business partners she has been working with for the past 10 years.

Our Services

Business Development

Project Management

Business Consultancy

Family Office Guidance

Alternative Products and Investment Solutions

Cash Management Solution

The Founder

Françoise Kalbermatten

Managing Director & Founder